About Us

BioFerganic (FPO) has been established in the year of 2019 and focuses on advancement of sustainable models of organic farming through a mix of traditional and modern science to ensure long term soil fertility buildup, resource conservation and helps in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Primarily aims to increase soil fertility and thereby helps in production of healthy food through organic practices without the use of agro-chemicals.


The main motive behind formation of BioFerganic (FPO) and manufacture 100% chemical free organic Manure with the help of Agriculture scientist from India, Russia and Europe are:

  • The love towards the nature and cleanliness.
  • Passion of fuller utilization of resources and waste management.
  • To support farmers in doing organic farming by eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Generate wealth and energy from cattle and organic waste.
  • To keep villages clean, increase the income of rural households, and generate energy and organic manure from cattle waste.
  • Influenced by Central Govt. SWACHH BHARAT MISSION (GRAMEEN) to convert Waste to Wealth.
  • Current soil situation in India

    India has used urea heavily in the last 60 years, which has increased agricultural productivity many times. The share of urea in nitrogen fertilizer was 10 percent in 1960-61, which increased to 82 percent in 2015-16.

    About 30 percent of the country's land has become barren. This means that you cannot grow anything in it. Due to this, not only is there a negative impact on agriculture, but the chances of employment in this sector are also coming down. Organic farming is a big option to deal with this crisis.

    As per MR K.M LAL (Retired IAS)

    What we do?

    Soil is an irreplaceable asset that must be protected and preserved for future generations. Our product helps fullfill this goal, While offering several diverse benefits to our farmers, even beyond soil:

  • A cost effective (vs. Chemical fertilizer) 100% Organic and sustainable manure that supports organic farming.
  • Plant Protection Products(AgniAstra, Jeevamrit, Dashparni Ark)¬†Organic pesticides prepared with the Indian modern & traditional methodology (SPNF) which has the potential to protect plants or crops¬†from all pests. Yeild enhancement of crop with continuous improvement in the fertility of soil.
  • Improved quality of agricultural produce- higher nutrient value, taste , smell.
  • Rejuvenation of barren land (for highly alkaline or acidic soil).
  • Agrarian solutions in extreme climate (Northern Himalayas), desert areas by making soil suitable for crop cultivation.
  • Enhancing soil quality and helping soil mineral balance.
  • Effective utilization of farm animal and poultry and cattle.
  • Can be used for waste water treatment and cleaning of drains and nallahs.
  • Aids soil capacity to retain moisture.
  • Prevent nitrification for better retention of moisture.
  • Solve the water logging issues and improves the soil structure.
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